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5 Rules You Can Break on Your Wedding Day

5 Rules You Can Break on Your Wedding Day

You have announced your engagement and now all at once you get flooded with questions about dates, colors, venues, cake flavors, and which wedding traditions you want to incorporate. I am sure everyone has heard of the older traditions for weddings like wearing “something borrowed, something blue” or having the groom carrying the bride over the thresh hold. These are all traditions that you can either choose to incorporate or not. One thing you shouldn’t be doing is loosing sleep over trying to keep these traditions in your wedding day if they just don’t feel like you. It is 100% up to you which traditions you can break and which ones you can incorporate into your big day.

The only part of your wedding day you HAVE to incorporate is the statement of intent, which is the legally binding part of the ceremony. Anything else you can you can take it or leave it. If you feel like those older traditions are suffocating you by all means skip it and make your day your own. Here are 5 rules you can break on your wedding day to make your day perfectly you.

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Rule #1: You MUST Wear a White Dress

Traditionally bride would wear white, but that doesn’t mean that is the ONLY color you can wear on your big day. Blush, grey, light blue, whatever the color you feel makes you feel a bride and the best version of you is what you should be wearing.

5 Rules You Can Break on Your Wedding Day - Calgary Wedding Photographer5 Rules You Can Break on Your Wedding Day

Rule #2: The Bride Guests & Grooms Guest Must Sit Separate 

If your marrying into each others families why should you have to have separate sides? Allow your guests to sit wherever they choose. Having a cute sign at the back of the ceremony can help guests feel comfortable sitting whichever side they wish.

Calgary Wedding Trends -5 Rules You Can Break on Your Wedding DayRule #3: You Must Serve Cake

If you hate cake, why would you serve it? I have seen some amazing “cakes” made out of stacked Ores, doughnuts, macaroons, pies, cinnamon buns, ice cream bars like the couple above or whatever is your favourite dessert is. This is one area you can personalize and taylor make all your own.

Rule #4: Wedding Parties Must Be Gendered

If your the bride but your best friend is a guy why should you not have them stand beside you on your biggest day? You do not need to keep the tradition of only having girls on the maids side and boys on the grooms side. Switch it up and have the people you love most stand in your party.

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Rule #5: You Need 1 Head Table & Round Guest Tables

Having a head table all in a row makes it really hard for you to talk and chat with the people you love the most. Feel free to plan any table configuration you would like. This can be a sweetheart table, family style farm house tables, Want to sit on a table in the middle of the room, with your family and friends all around you? You do you!

There really are no rules when it comes to planning a wedding that’s right for you. The point is that rules were made to be broken, and that includes sticking with tradition if you want, or throwing caution to the wind and being different.

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