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5 Things I have Learned from my Husband

5 Things I have Learned from my HusbandIf you haven’t heard the story of how my hubby and I met, it is a little bit of a unique one. I was 21 volunteering at a children’s camp in the summer as a camp counselor and he was a paid worker building the new rec center at the camp. At first I thought he was an idiot, flirting with all the girl counselors week after week. I decided right then I wanted nothing to do with this guy. He even left our week of camp early to fly down to the states to meet some random girl he had met online (insert eye roll). That right there cemented the idea that this guy was definitely not for me. Little did I know that the meet up with this girl did not go well so he spent his entire week Facebook messaging me and trying to convince me that there was more to him then I first thought. After asking me out 30+ times and me saying no to all but one time he finally got me to agree to a “friends only” hangout. Needless to say this was the BEST first date non date I had ever been on and we never looked back. We also never actually dated or “went steady” that was too much commitment for me haha so instead we just got engaged after 7 months and we were married  a year after that (because that is way less commitment right?!?) Since that first met up over 10 years ago I have learned so much from Jason. Some good, some things to not do, but at the end of the day he is 100% my person and I love doing life with this guy!

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  1. Its OK to dream BIG! For any of you that know Jason you know he is a dreamer. He is always thinking up some grand scheme to improve our house, his next business venture, some big travel plan or a plan for our future. I am told this has something to do with him being a Gemini. I am definitely less of a dreamer but his dreaming has taught me that it is OK to not do the ordinary and to have goals and ideas that are big! With out Jason I would never have pushed myself to do mentorships or the workshop we did last fall.
  2. I am TERRIBLE at loading the dishwasher – I have never been more aware of how bad I am at loading the dishwasher. Growing up we never rinsed dishes before we loaded them so to wash the plate before you stick it in just doesn’t make any sense to me. Jason however grew up in a fully rinse household, so each time we load and unload the dishwasher it is brought to my attention that even though my Tetris skills are on point that doesn’t mean the dishes are actually getting clean. Who knew!
  3. Learn to Love Your Crazy- Before Jason, I had never been able to be myself with a guy. My friends and family knew the real, quirky me, but never a guy I dated. Jason was the first one to fully accept me for me and actually tell me that my crazy was one of the things he loves most about me! Any guy that can fully embrace all your crazy and love it & you for who you really are is OK in my books! Calgary Wedding Photographer
  4. Honesty is the Best Policy- Jason may love my crazy but one of the things I love most about Jason is his honestly. Not in a I hate the color of your shoes type of honesty but in the truthful, kind, never lie to you type of way. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body even to the point where if you decide to not buy something in the grocery store most people would just put it in an aisle you decide to ditch it and not the correct spot. Well Jason will walk all the way back and put it in its correct spot. Who does that?!? Well Jason does just so the store workers don’t have to because he is a nice guy!
  5. Love Unconditionally- Jason also has taught me to love unconditionally. Between the two of us he is definitely the one to be more trusting at first. It takes time for me to let my guard down where Jason will welcome anyone with open arms. He loves me, my family, our crazy pets, all our friends and every wedding client. He loves me deeply and unconditionally no matter if I am the crazy top knot wearing, editing marathon Chantal or the fancy gala, red lipstick Chantal. He loves me unconditionally and that is more then I could have ever hoped for.

Moral of the story, I never thought I would marry the man I did and be so absolutely smitten with him. I definitely married up and 10 years later I love him more then I did on the day I said “I do!”. I am truly thankful he picked me!

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