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5 Ways To Use Your Engagement Photos

5 Ways To Use Your Engagement Photos

You have had your engagement photos done, where your outfits perfectly complimented each other, your hair and makeup were on point and you cute pooch was on his best behaviour, but now what? What do you do with all those images?!? Are you using them just to fill those tiny squares on Instagram? Are they still on the usb shoved in the back of some drawer? Have they seen the light of day since you had them take? I get it life is crazy and things get put off. Because of this one of my top recommendation is to make sure you talk to your photographer about what you want to do with your images at your consultation or after your engagement session is booked. A lot of photographers, myself included, offer printing services and have taken the time to research professional printing labs to select products we know our clients love. This will have your artwork in your hand in a matter of weeks, versus them disappearing into the scary “everything drawer” never to be seen again. Duhn duhn duuuuuhn. Besides just getting them printed I am sharing 5 Ways To Use Your Engagement Photos.Five Ways To Use Your Engagement Photos

  1. Start an Instagram Hashtag: You are going to be putting your photos up on social media anyways so you might as well share them in the hashtag too. This was everyone can see your images as well as everyone else can add to this hashtag and soon all the images from the planning, engagement, and the wedding will be in one spot for you to enjoy. The one tip for picking a hashtag is to pick a unique of customized to you so others not a part of your wedding are posting photos to it as well.
  2. Create a Guest Book: Now when I say guest book it doesn’t have to be just a book. I have seen creative ideas where clients print out a photos with a bigger then usual matting around it and have everyone sign the matting. This way one of your engagement photos is hung on your wall with well wishes from your loved ones. You can also create a photo book with lots of empty pages for your guests to sign.
  3. Create A Wedding Website: This is a great way for guests to rsvp, get hotel and location details, meet your wedding party, read your proposal story and see a little more of you two. ome of my favorite options for building a site are Wedding Woo, Squarespace, and AppyCouple5 Uses Your Engagement Photos
  4. Wedding Stationary: You can also use your engagement photos in your wedding stationery. Whether this is your save the dates, wedding invitation, line your envelopes, make personalized stamps, use on your program or have them as part of your seating chart. These are all great areas you can show off your engagement photos and make sure everyone sees your beautiful faces.
  5. Holiday Cards: A lot of the time my clients choose to book their engagement photos in a different season then their wedding for variation in their images. Because of this we usually shoot your engagement photos well before your wedding. Why not use those photos as a holiday cards to send out at Christmas? This also means you have two years worth of holiday cards having professional photos on them.

You should consider the engagement shoot as an integral part of your entire wedding experience after all it documents you guys without all the formalness of the big day. It allows you to have photos are are maybe a little bit more casual and tailored to yourselves instead of the grand show. This is where your commitment starts, the “I do’s” just seal the deal, don’t miss the opportunity to highlight the beginning of your journey together. You already said yes! Now that’s something to celebrate.

Five Uses Your Engagement Photos

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