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At Home Couple Sessions & 5 Reasons They Rock

At Home Couple Sessions & 5 Reasons They Rock

I have a serious love affair with at home couple sessions. I have said it a million times before but I really do love them of any kind, but at the top of my list is in home couple sessions. Don’t get me wrong having an epic mountain location for your session or doing an activity you love is amazing thing to do for your engagement or couple session but some couples also love the idea of doing their session in the comforts of their own home.  At home, I get to capture the place where 90% of memories happen, you can’t beat that! Today I am chatting all about at home couple sessions & 5 reasons they rock!Tips For a Great At Home Couple Sessions

  1. Weather will never be an issue! In Calgary we really have 2 seasons. One is winter and one is not winter and that can mean its still cold and wet just in the middle of August instead of January. SO by planning an at home couple session the weather will never be an issue or a reason to reschedule. I say if the weather is cold crank up the fireplace drink some hot chocolate and cuddle together under a blanket. It will just make for some of the coziest photos ever!
  2. Home is Where Your Heart Is – As a couple the home is the place you have created together, the place you fell most at ease. It is decorated in your favorite colors, has memories and photos from recent vacations and adventures, and is the place you do life together. Every nook and cranny you can see pieces of you from the book you read cover to cover every couple months, to the guitar he lightly strums in the evenings. It’s a place you have built together, and it’s truly the best setting to help elaborate the story of you two!Why You Should Book An At Home Couples Session
  3. You Will Feel At Ease – If you are worries about what to wear, where to go and how many people will be watching you while you get your photos done, an at home session might just be up your alley. The ease you feel when you get home from a long day at work or stepping in that front doorway after a long vacation is a great way to help you not stress so much about your session. Most in home sessions are casual, informal, cozy and 100% you two. Its a chance for you guys to relax and for me to capture the organic connection you two have. This will then result in more authentic and genuine photos.At Home Couple Session Tips & Tricks
  4. It Is Easy – Think about it, you don’t have to leave your home, I come to you! You don’t have to stress about leaving with enough time to get there with traffic, you don’t have to worry about forgetting things back home, you don’t have to worry period! Everything is easier. It also is easier to incorporate pets that might otherwise not be able to  be at the session, or if you decide mid session to switch outfits its all right there. It also gives you a chance to do something typical together. This could be anything from cooking a meals together, to wine tasting, to playing music together or even dancing. These shoots can be 100% tailored to you and what you love doing together. Couple Photography Calgary - At Home Couple Session
  5. It will be Uniquely You – There is no other couple out there that has your exact same house with your exact same furniture, with your exact same personality splashed around. These sessions are always going to be uniquely you. One couple I worked with has a secret family cornbread recipe so I got to come in and photograph them making the recipe together. Another had a husband with a love of all things music, so we showed him playing for her as they hung out in the space they loved most. At home couple session give you the chance to completely tailor the session and make it your own. I just get to capture the true uniquely authentic you.

5 Reasons You Should Book An At Home Couple Photoshoot

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