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Drumheller Photographer

As a Calgary photographer I made a pact with myself to take a photo a week for 52 weeks. This as a personal goal of mine, and I actually have done something similar back in 2014 but it was a click a day for 365 days. That was sheer insanity and exhausting so instead of the pressure of a photo a day a photo a week seemed much more manageable.

April is my birthday month so I am a little biased about how much I love this month. As a kid, Im sure like most, I use to count down the days to my birthday. We had a tradition in my family that on your birthday you got to request whatever meal you wanted and my talented mom would make it for you. You also got a special china plate that no one else got just to reenforce that it was YOUR special day. I remember as a kid asking for all sorts of crazy combination of foods like chicken fingers with Asian noodle salad and flapper pie. Mmm… just thinking about these foods makes my mouth water. Still to this day menu requesting is a big part of birthdays and even now that our family has grown with spouses and nieces and nephews my mom will still make whatever your hearts desire is!

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As a photographer I absolutely love what I do! I love meeting with clients, capturing memories and giving tangible products that you can cherish for a lifetime. What I find is hard is being creative when I have shot in a location 100 billion times. Ok that might be an exaggeration but it is hard to find new and creative ways to document moments when the location feels tired. This is why my friend Monica from Red Bloom Photography and I go out location scouting every now and then. This months location: Drumheller Alberta! The land of the dinosaurs. Ps if anyone wants a session out there in the badlands count me in. After this trip I have been dying to do a engagement session out there!

Drumheller Photographer

When my husband and I bought our home in Calgary, we bought it for the south facing huge yard. The house was in need of major renos, but that is definitely a whole other blog post! When I was a kid my mother would plant a huge garden every year and as much as I loved being able to eat fresh peas or dirt covered carrots right from the ground if got hungry playing outside, I hated it when I was made to weed it. I made a deal with myself that I would NEVER have a garden because wedding it was just not something I would ever want to do. Well I am eating my words now (get it? eating my words… talking about gardening and fresh veggies?? bad joke, ok moving on). Now having a garden is something that my husband and I look forwards to. We love being able to head outside if we need some lettuce or a salad, or grabbing some fresh strawberries for a dessert. There is something so beautiful about planting some seeds and being able to watch them grow into this amazing edible plant!

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Spring is the time of year when all the snow starts to melt, the grass starts changing from brown to vibrant green and my favourite bushes and trees start to blossom. As a Calgary photographer this is such an exciting time! I always try to strategically plan sessions to be in the spring during when the cherry blossoms are blooming. There is something so stunning about those little pink flowers. We also have a couple Nanking bushes in our yard and as you are admiring them all you can hear is buzzing of those little honey bees.

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  • Shannon
    May 23, 2016

    Beautiful captures to tell your story.

  • Irene
    May 23, 2016

    I love these photography projects. Serves as a reminder for me to start doing my own. Great photos!

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