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Can Wedding Photographers & Videographers Get Along? - Calgary Wedding Photographer

Can Wedding Photographers & Videographers Get Along? - Calgary Wedding Photographer

It is becoming more and more common at weddings where there is not only photography coverage but also videography coverage. I have shot many weddings in the past couple years where along with Jason & myself there is a team of three or four vidographers. This makes for a lot of camera gear in your face, and a lot of people all all trying to get the same shot. I have shot weddings where the videographer stood behind the JP the entire wedding so every single shot had the videographers face (face palm). So today I thought I would write a blog post on tips for photographers to work a long side videographers and how videographers can work along side photographers.

As photographers, working with a videographer on a wedding day can be as painful as getting a root cannel or it can be a smooth, friendly experience where we work together to create awesome work for the client. I can honestly say that most of my experience working with a videographer during the wedding day has been seamless and actually a lot of fun. However there are a few tips you can do to ensure the day runs as smooth as a well oiled machine.

1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

The goal is to set a positive tone right off the start. Make sure you introduce yourself to each other at the start of the day. This way you can start the day off right and not wondering who this person is you have to work along side for the next 12 hours. Then establish a plan for the day, chat about what shots each other needs/wants, what the plan is for the major parts of the ceremony, where you all will be standing/shooting during those important moments. This way you know where each other will be so you aren’t in each others shots, and it also ensures everyone feels like their voice is being heard. Also talk about the type of photographer/videographer you are. If you shoot more photojournalist then that might work really well a alongside a more posed photographer. If you both shoot more posed or styled then make sure each other knows this so you are both allotted equal time to get the shots you need.

Below is a great example of photographers & videographers that have communicated in advance and have organized themselves in a way to work together and no against each other. This photos is from the awesome husband and wife photography team of Walker Photography.Can Photographers & Videographers Get Along On A Wedding Day

2. Give Each Other Time & Space

Videographers and photographers need different things throughout the day. Not every moment works well in video and vise versa. We are all hired to do our jobs so making sure we all have time to capture what we need, is super important. If you typically are a more posed photographer, maybe try to use a little more movement throughout your day. This way you are still getting the photos you want but it also gives the video team something to shoot as well.

Can Photographers & Videographers Get Along?

3. Test Light

During dark receptions, lighting is key, so ask each other what types of lighting you both will be using. Photographers typically use flashes which isn’t a constant light source where videographers use a more constant light. There is nothing worse then setting up your lighting for a shot and then a unexpected light source happens and throws your exposure out the window. Often times on a low lit dance floor, I use the videographer’s video light to help my camera focus quicker or light back light the subjects. This is a great way to work together to make sure every moment gets captured.

4. Be Aware

We as photographer & videographers are constantly moving around throughout the wedding day. Because of this we all need to be aware of where we are and as much as possible try to stay out of each others shots. With shooting along side each other you may want to switch to longer lenses or zoom lenses instead of your typical wide angles & primes. This gives each other the space to work and you can both be a little further back from the couple and out of each others shots.

Below is an example of a videographer that was shooting with a very wide lens thus he ended up in a lot of the photographer’s shots. Thanks to Monica from Red Bloom Photography for sending me these images

Can Wedding Photographers & Videographers Get Along?

5. They Are Not Your Enemy

Ultimately at the end of the day, mutual respect and patience goes the furthest to ensure you work together as a team. If you go into the day making conciseness efforts to work together for the better of the couple, your day will go off seamlessly. If you go in with the mind set that you are more important then the other team you will most likely bump heads all day and it will make the whole day more challenging and frustrating. There is a reason the couple has hired both of you, so why not work together instead of seeing the other team as your enemy.

There are a few videographers that I absolutely adore in Calgary and love their work. If you are looking for a videographer for your wedding day check them out:

Bryan McDonald Films

Southbase Creative

Castano Films

All these guys are a dream to work a long side and do amazing work!

If you are wanting to hire a videographer as well as photographer I would suggest asking each of them a few questions:

  1. How many will there be on each team? If your photographer works alone and they have 3 people it will be a lot to avoid them and vise versa
  2. What’s their shooting style? Does it align with the photographer/videographer they hired? Are they a sit back and document or get right in there?


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