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Banff Photographer

I made a resolution at the beginning of January to take a click a week for an entire year. So far I haven’t missed a week of snapping but I have been seriously falling behind on blogging my clicks. So lets rewind a bit and head back into March were I was spending a lot of time out in the Rocky Mountains being a Canmore Photographer.

Every time I make the drive out to Canmore for a session I forget how amazing the Rocky Mountains are. As the highway weaves in-between the mountain valleys and the steep jagged peak rise up on either side of you I remember why I love living just a short drive away. I 100% take for granted that these massive beauties are just a short 45 minute drive from my house. The first week of March after a family session I made sure to take a bit of time and just wander around and enjoy them. I drove down roads in Canmore that I hadn’t before, stopped and got out of my car and made sure I saw these beauties from all angles. Looking up at them you do realize how teeny tiny you really are. How your trails in life and problems might seem massive as you are smack dab in the middle of them but in the grand scheme of life they are such a small blip on the radar. I am so glad I get to spend so much time surround by these beauties.

Banff Photographer

Spring is my second favourite season. It is a super close second to summer but summer still wins as I’m a sucker for heat and lots of it. One of the biggest reason I love spring is because of tulips. Every time I see them in grocery stores I make a point of buying them. There is something about them sitting on my kitchen table that makes me so happy. It might be a because after a long winter they are a sign to hold out hope that spring and warmer temps are just around the corner, or it might be because they are just so pretty! Either way there is a a vase on my table that is constantly filled with them for months.

Calgary Photographer

I love road trips! I remember as a kid we would pile into the van and head off camping or out to the lake house so road trips have always had a special place in my heart. Also being a flight attendant for 8.5 years and quitting last year to do full time photography, hopping on a plane to me still feels like work. Over Easter long weekend my husband, pooch and I headed out to Fernie for a much needed getaway. And I have to say road tips are always a good idea! Cochrane Photographer

Winter camping has never been something I thought I would do, but this winter the weather has been anything but winter like so we packed up the trailer and headed out for my first ever winter camping weekend. Keep in mind summer is my favourite season because its hot so I’m sure you can guess that winter is my least liked due to it being very cold. Thankfully the weekend was full of great friends, warm conversations, hot bon fires and lots of belly laughs. All in all I might have to change my opinion on winter camping if this is any indication on how it is! Canmore Photographer

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