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Dear Sixteen Year Old Me - Calgary Wedding Photographer

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me - Calgary Wedding Photographer

Dear Me… the 16 Year Old Chantal,

I am sure you would love to know who you will turn into, what job you decided to do as your career, which amazing man stole your heart. I would love to tell you but honestly its better to just trust and know that everything has a way of working itself out. A couple things you should know is that your gonna love coffee like its liquid gold, you will never be to old for puppy cuddles, and home decor will still be an obsession, maybe even more so now that you have a place of your own.

I also want to tell you that all the things you think matter, don’t, and all the time and effort you put in every day to fit in doesn’t matter. You don’t have to have name brand clothes or makeup to look your best. Even now as I write this to you I still have no idea how all those make up products work and that’s ok. You have mastered mascara and that’s pretty much our only staple. The boys that you think the sun revolves around are not your future husband, and you will probably forget their names as time goes on. So don’t let them get in your head and focus on building the friendships that you will still have to this day.

Know that the way you treat others is important not only in life but business too. Know that every small set back happens for a reason and all those steps backward will lead you to the amazing life you have today. You won’t be stuck in the small town you grew up in forever so don’t think your life is over. You will have many jobs before you find your right fit, but when you do find your passion you will instantly know its right. Take every chance you get to spend time with your family, you’ll find that the older you get the more those moments are fleeting and you’ll wish you didn’t skip family dinners to go to a movie with your friends.

Technology is changing and changing fast, so your msn conversations will be a thing of the past and cherish the time you have when you don’t have a phone and aren’t reachable 24/7. Also a word to the wise, plucking your eyebrows is ALWAYS a better option then shaving them into a shape. Believe me there is nothing good that comes from that.

I wish I had some BIG statement I could share with you that would alter your life or know that everything will be ok but I don’t. I also don’t want to warn you of the mistakes you will make or the fights you might have, because those struggles, choices, and lessons learned, have lead you to be  the person you are and will be. That is what got us here today.

Remember to be a kid, and cherish those moments of fun and silliness. Being an adult isn’t all that its cracked up to be. Don’t get me wrong it means we can have cake for breakfast if we want but it also means responsibilities and mortgages. So cherish the time you have where your biggest worry is if your nail color should be green or blue and if your diskman is charged. Don’t worry so much about being perfect, get out there and adventure, dream and make those memories. Your decisions will lead you to the amazing man you marry, a house on a quiet street, a very cute and quirky pup to love and the job of your dreams. Remember to be you and everything will end up ok!


31 Year Old Me

Dear 16 Year Dear 16 Year Old Self - Calgary Wedding PhotographerOld Self

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