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Dear Bride, Your Dress is Going to Get Dirty

Dear Bride, Your Dress is Going to Get Dirty

Dear Beautiful Bride,

Today is the day you have been waiting for. The day you walk down the aisle to the person  of your dreams. The day you have planned for, and dreamed of. Today is the day you will become a wife! No matter if its raining or shinning your day will be perfect. Now keep in mind it might not be perfect by the definition of the word but depending on you, your day will be imperfectly memorable.

Your lips stick might not be red enough, your flowers might not be exactly what you expected, your dream wedding shoes may cause you blisters, and I can almost promise your dress will get dirty. But at the end of the day none of this matters. What does matter is the words you spoke as you said “I Do!”. Those words are a promise of forever, to stand side by side through thick and thin, through the good and the bad. What matters are the hugs from your dad as he hands you off, the tears in your moms eyes as she sees you for the first time as a bride. These are all the moments that matter. The dirt on the bottom of the lace or the sprinkles of rain on the tulle, all this is the evidence of an adventure that was worth it.

Why Its Ok That Your Wedding Dress Gets Dirty

Believe me, everyones eyes will at you as you are absolutely stunning. Embrace every moment of your day, but remember a marriage takes two and it isn’t just your day, it’s his too! Make sure even when all the eyes are on you, yours are on his. Embrace his family and all the love they have for you and their baby boy who is now all grown. Your marriage is bringing two families together as one, so embrace the love from all sides of the day.

Lastly let go of the expectations you have of your day, yourself and all those around you. Free yourself from the stress of planning the perfect day and allow yourself the ability to soak up all the joy you possibly can. Let go of the planning reigns and allow whatever happens today to happen. It is out of your control and as I said before your day will be perfectly imperfect. Remember today is only the start, the start of a lifetime together, a lifetime of memories and the jumping off point for many many more most amazing days. Focus on planning your marriage and not just your wedding, then as you do, a little dirt on your dress will only be the proof that you absolutely lived and loved every moment of your wedding day and truly embraced your day for all that it was and for all it could be!

The dirt on your dress is the reminder of all the memories you made, so go make them!


Chantal xox

Its OK That Your Weddig Dress Gets Dirty

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