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My Why and Finding The Purpose In my Passion

My Why and Finding The Purpose In my Passion

My Why and Finding The Purpose in My Passion

Growing up I never, not once, consider that I would grow up to have the career as a photographer. I was always a creative kid, making my own mix tapes on my cassette player, rearranging the furniture in my room making sure every inch of it had a little touch of Chantal. I was in cheerleader in High School and was always dreaming up new dances with close friends. I was that geek in year book in high school, so I was quite often with camera in hand, but photography was never something I dreamed I could do full time.

Growing up my Grandmother Frankie was the photo taker. At every family event she was there snapping pics of everyone and everything. It actually become a running joke in our family. When she passed away there was no one to capture these moments, so all those memories were un-documented. There became this void and I realized that it was something that I missed.

Fast forwards to a couple years, I had graduated from college with a Interior Design Degree, but taking a few years off to explore the world with the help of being a flight attendant. It was then I picked up my camera again and starting taking photos of my travels. I loved it and I loved being able to share my photos with my friends and family.

Why I Became A Photographer

When I first met Jason my husband he had a really good Nikon camera and he let me borrow it to play with. It was then that the spark turned into a flame and I knew that this was something I wanted to do more of. First it was begging my friends and family to let me take photos of them. Then the begging actually became people approaching me (gasp!) to take photos of them. I knew this is something I wanted do a lot more of and it not just a hobby. This was 8 years ago and the drive to document moments has never gone away. I really am blessed to be able to love what I do and wake up everyday and get to pursue my passion.

I know for me my WHY, the reason I get up everyday, is to capture special moments no matter how big or small. From the grandest gestures to the tiniest of details they are all important. When a father sees his daughter for the first time on her wedding day, The happy tears streaming down a brides face during a wedding ceremony, capturing those first few moments of a brand new baby as a family grows, the giggles of kiddos having a tickle fight with their loving parents; these moments are the purpose of my passion. I truly believe that I was put here to be a photographer. I believe I was suppose to admire my photographer grandmother who initially started the fire for photography in me. I believe that those first few friends and family that took a risk on me were suppose to. I believe that 8 years later I am exactly where I am suppose to be. Running my own company, documenting love, capturing laughter, and living out each day of my WHY.

Sometimes life doesn’t look like how you thought it would be, I know I never thought I would be an entrepreneur but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Whats your WHY?

Why I am A Photographer Today - Calgary Photographer

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