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I can barely believe it! I completed my very first 365 photography project. When I first stared this resolution to take a click a day for 365 days I wasn't sure if I would be able to complete it. But

Christmas is literally right around the corner! With just a couple weeks left before all the holiday cheer starts, and the end of my 365 project happens, I am trying to saver the last part of 2014. The baking is

This week has been crazy! I have been planning a styled shoot/workshop over the last little bit and this Sunday was finally the day! Of course it also had to be the coldest day Calgary had experienced this winter. Brrr.

Week 47 of 52 has come and gone! This week I started and finished yup FINISHED my Christmas shopping. This is new to me I have NEVER been that person that shopped in let alone finished before the end of

Week 45/52 I am finally starting to slow down and have a little more ME time, had more time to blog and catch up on my to do list. Also had more time to try some different photography techniques that I

Week 41 was a fun one! It was thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada which meant a crazy amount of family sessions (which I love so doesn't really even feel like work!). My hubby also planned a surprise dat night

Week 40 of 2014 was a hard one in my household. This week my husband and I found two lumps on our beloved dog Kodi's belly. We took into the vet the next day and had her check out. Turns

Week 39 in my a click a day photography project series we once again backed up out bags and headed to BC for one last family weekend! The weather could not have been more beautiful and actually was even nice