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Where do I even start with the Kimmins Family? These guys are more friends then clients and I am so blessed to capture their family session year after year! This year we headed to Bragg Creek Provincial Park for their

When I was first started out really pursuing my photography passion, it was right after I had gotten married and my new hubby had a really great camera. Bonus! It was then that I started getting serious trying to build

Photographing kiddos can be interesting to say the least. You never know what they are going to do or say, if they will be happy and smiley or sad and cranky. They might play shy and want to hide behind

I love meeting families in all different stages of life. From growing families with sweet little ones, to families like this one who are celebrating milestones like graduation. For the Schroeder's, their Calgary Graduation Family Photos took place on the

When was the last time you had family photos done? A really good, everyone smiling, not shot by an iPhone photo? It's probably been WAY too long

I hear it so often how much men hate having their photos taken. They dread family photos and usually only get convincedĀ once in a blue moon to go along with the family photography day. I thankfully, am blessed to have