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During week 43/52 Halloween was just around the corner which means that candy was lining the shelves (and I was eating WAY too much chocolate), people were decorating their yards with all things scary, and that we finally turned the

Week 42/52 in my a click a day photography project, that means there are only 10 weeks left until 2015! Which also means that there is only 9 more weeks until Christmas! Hard to believe. The weather is getting colder,

Week 41 was a fun one! It was thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada which meant a crazy amount of family sessions (which I love so doesn't really even feel like work!). My hubby also planned a surprise dat night

Week 40 of 2014 was a hard one in my household. This week my husband and I found two lumps on our beloved dog Kodi's belly. We took into the vet the next day and had her check out. Turns

Week 39 in my a click a day photography project series we once again backed up out bags and headed to BC for one last family weekend! The weather could not have been more beautiful and actually was even nice

Week 38/52 in my photography project was a fun one! I shot my last wedding of my summer season which was at the crazy beautiful Bonaterra Trattoira  in downtown Calgary! It has this stunning patio that looks like you have

 Week 36/52 we were happy to be back in our own bed. A hotel bed can be the comfiest, coziest, biggest bed you have ever slept in but getting home and crawling back into your bed always feels better! I

Week 35 of my A Click a Day Project my husband and I started the 1st week of our two week vacation exploring the amazing country of Costa Rica! What a beautiful country Costa Rica is! There is a little