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As a Calgary photographer I made a pact with myself to take a photo a week for 52 weeks. This as a personal goal of mine, and I actually have done something similar back in 2014 but it was a

I made a resolution at the beginning of January to take a click a week for an entire year. So far I haven't missed a week of snapping but I have been seriously falling behind on blogging my clicks. So

Week 42/52 in my a click a day photography project, that means there are only 10 weeks left until 2015! Which also means that there is only 9 more weeks until Christmas! Hard to believe. The weather is getting colder,

This weeks photos are a little more spring like (Thank Goodness!!) We have finally had a stretch of warm weather were we haven't had to bundle up to step foot outside. This week we had gotten tickets to see Florida

Week 13 has come and gone! Week 13… we have lived, laughed, cherished, and made the most of every single day! The theme for April in our group is Red, so to start the month out right my first "red"

With a new month comes a new month theme for my 365 photography project. January was details/macro, February was Black and Whites and March is "A Day in the Life". This is by far the most challenging topic for me.

This week I decided to stop again at a spot in my home town that I drive by just about every day. I was playing tourist in my own town again and once again I am so glad I did.

This week my hubby and I booked a two week trip to Costa Rica and we are soooo excited! Both of us absolutely LOVE traveling and was a huge part of my journey that reignited my love for photography. We