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Week 46 we were back to doing renovations on our house and have finally just about finished our family room! Yippee. It was important to us to have a beautiful living space for the Christmas season. We now spend more

Week 45/52 I am finally starting to slow down and have a little more ME time, had more time to blog and catch up on my to do list. Also had more time to try some different photography techniques that I

Week 36 of my a click a day photography series  is the first week of september. Batter late then never right!?! We spent the week lounging on the beaches of Costa Rica and soaking in all the warmth we could.

My husband and I were still on our 2 week camping adventure and it has been absolutely amazing up to this point! One of my favourite moments of the week was going to a drive in movie! As a kid

Week 29 was full of sun, sand, weddings, and the start of a 2 week much needed vacation! Both my hubby and myself worked long hours leading up to the start of our BC vacation so we could just relax

This was such a fun week! Summer is in full swing, so we invited all our friends and family over for our annual kick of to summer outdoor movie night! There is just something so amazing about sitting underneath the

Week 25 was such a fun one! I shot my second wedding of the season out in the beautiful town of Banff. Its hard to believe that this big beautiful Rocky Mountains are right in our backyard. We are so

Week 21 was an interesting one! My hubby and I have been on the look out for a new travel trailer for this summer's holidays. We ended up finding one at an auction site, the only kicker was that it