Tips For a Successful Newborn Session

Tips For a Successful Newborn Session

I love photographing newborns! They are probably one of the most challenging sessions to photograph but it is also such an honour to be apart of a sweet babies life when they are just days old. To have a meltdown free newborn session there are a couple things you can do to do before hand. Today I have put together a list of tips for a successful newborn session.

  • I’ll Pencil You In! You might think that booking your newborn session in advance is impossible as you don’t know the exact date your little one will arrive. This is true, so what I like to do is mark your due date down in my calendar and then once baby if born and you are all settled in back home give me a shout saying baby has arrived. At this point we will book you exact session date which is typically in the first two weeks. If you can swing it that the photos can be done even sooner, within the first seven days, that is even better as they will be sleepier.
  • What is an in home Newborn session? Great question! All my newborn sessions I come to your home and use your space as the backdrop to your session. All I need is an area in your home with good natural light with large windows or doors. This can be anywhere but typically it tends to be the master bedroom. Worried because your house is a mess or that you didn’t have time to clean it up? Don’t stress out! You just had a BABY and I know that cleaning is really your last priority! If you didn’t have dishes piled in the sink, and baby items all over the house , I’d think you were weird. 🙂 I really don’t need a ton of space just a space where you can be as a family. I typically I move some furniture around anyways (and always put it back) so once I get to the space we can clear the best area of those items so you do get those perfect newborn shots. Tips For a Successful Newborn Session
  • It’s getting hot in here! (sorry bad Nelly reference) For your session I always suggest turning up your heat in your home higher then normal. It is also best if you do this about 30 mins prior to your session so the house is warm before we start. Newborns are use to be being all warm and cozy and then I come and they are usually just in a diaper or a thin swaddle. Because of this they still stay happier longer if they stay warm even without all the blankets and clothes.
  • Down the hatch. A happy baby is a fed baby. Typically this soon after baby is born, you won’t necessarily have a  feeding routine, so if you can time it that baby is fed just prior to my arrival that will help. Of course if baby needs a top up during your session that is 100% ok! These sessions are on baby time so whatever baby needs to stay nice and sleepy is just fine in my books.In Home Newborn Photos Calgary
  • Relax! There is no magic trick that helps newborn sleep on cue so this can be a little bit of a process. It’s ok. If your baby isn’t sleeping right away no worries we can always do family photos first and usually just you just holding your little one will put them to sleep. The best thing to do is NOT get discouraged and think that your session is a disaster because of this. I promise every session takes some work and 99% of session include multiple diaper changes, feedings and lots and lots of baby cuddles.
  • I just had a baby so nothing fits! I 100% get this and this is the best opportunity to pamper yourself. Have someone come to you home and do your hair and makeup, lets be honest you deserve it! Also try to wear something you are comfortable in. In the end if you are wearing something you just don’t like it will show in the photos. Also keep it simple no big patterned or loud prints. I want to focus on baby not the large tropical print shirt you are wearing. You also don’t need to go out and buy all new outfits and please don’t feel like you all need to match exactly as well. Everyone in black tops and jeans is boring in the photos. It is best to choose one color and all incorporate it in a different way. For example if your man is wearing a blue shirt then you have a blue necklace. That way you go well together but are not wearing the exact same outfit.
  • Just this once, make the bed. There is something so adorable about your sweet little one laying in the middle of your large bed. It really shows them off and how little they really are. It is also best if you have a solid comforter or duvet cover preferably in a white or cream color. This just keeps the focus on baby and doesn’t distract from them. If you don’t have one no worries. Usually the duvet inside is white so you can even take it out of the cover and just use that. Easy Peasy!Newborn Photography Calgary

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