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What Does A Groomsman Do?

What Does A Groomsman Do in A Wedding?

What Does a Groomsman Do in A Wedding?

Being asked to serve as one of the groomsmen in your buddy’s wedding is a huge honor — but be warned that it’s also a big undertaking. The list of groomsmen duties, while not nearly as long as that of the best man, there are few responsibilities on a groomsman’s to-do list that can be easily forgotten. So what exactly are the groomsmen duties? Well I am going to get down to the nitty gritty of the groomsmen duties below.

Groomsmen Duties

  1. Purchase or rent wedding attire. Just like the bridesmaids, groomsmen are in charge of purchasing and tailoring their wedding attire. Whether you plan to buy or rent, it’s important to start the process early so you have everything in hand well in advance. This will keep you and the couple stress free! Also couples aren’t always traditional with a tux, so be open minded with attire as what they choose might not be exactly your taste or style.
  2. Plan the bachelor party. This might be the most well known duty for the groomsmen this is also an important step pre-wedding duty for the guys to plan. Tip: Plan a couple week prior to the big day. This way if anything happens like a paint ball to the face (oh it has happened) it has a couple weeks to heal before the big day.
  3. Attend All Pre-Wedding Events. Attend every single pre-wedding event the couple throws, including the engagement party, the bachelor party, and the rehearsal dinner. This even includes a wedding shower if the couple plans to host one together (doe & deer shower). This might sound like a lot of your weekends are being taken up but hey it also means a lot of free food and drinks.
  4. Keep the Groom Calm & On Time. On the day you’ll need to keep the groom from panicking and calm him down as necessary. Also make sure he is on time. No want wants a tardy groom or even worse a runaway groom.
  5. Your role is to relieve pressure from the bride and groom. Your may be required to answer asking questions relating to seating arrangements, reception set up etc. It would be a good idea to get the run down from the couple prior to, so you have the answers for some of the questions before the big day.Groomsmen Duties & Responsibilities
  6. Rings & Speeches! Besides getting the groom to the ceremony on time another big role is making sure the rings also make it. Chances are one of you will be tasked with being on ring duty, so guard those with your life. You also may be asked to make a toast or speech, so it is best to prepare something to say and hold off getting too many drinks in you before hand.
  7. Ensure a proper send off. This could mean decorating the get a way car, ensuring the limo is coming to pick the couple up. Chances are the couple will have been drinking so making sure they get home safe and sound is a priority.
  8. And finally have fun! It’s your best friends wedding so make sure you have a blast!

Being a part of your friends wedding is a huge honor, and can be a lot of fun! Help out in any way you can, be there for the groom, and have a blast. Remember this with be the best day of your friends life so make sure he has a blast and gets there on time!

How To Be The Best Groomsman

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