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What to Wear to Your Engagement Photos

What to Wear to Your Engagement Photos
Engagement session… I absolutely LOVE them! I love that it gives us a chance to get to know each other better before the wedding day, but also gives you the chance to get to me as well. It allows you guys to get more comfortable infant of the camera, because lets be serious not many people get the chance to have profession photos very often. Engagement session also give you more freedom to show your personality and have fun away from the pressure of your wedding day.

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If I had a nickel or every time I got asked what my couples should wear to they session I would be rich! It is the most common question I get asked and probably the thing that gives couples the most stress leading up to their session. But don’t worry I have your back and today I am going to run through a couple tips when picking out your outfits for your shoot.

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Coordinate Your Outfits- Now don’t mis understand what this means. I am by no way telling you to both wear the exact same thing. Coordinating just means that you choose outfits that go together. There are two schools of thought in this. One is in how formal you are and of course color pallet. Make sure when your picking outfits you stay on the same formal level. This means you shouldn’t be wearing a ball gown if he is in a plaid shirt and jeans. A cute less formal dress would absolutely work with his jeans but the key is to match in that aspect. The second is color pallet. Picking one color and incorporating it into each outfit is a great way to keep that cohesive look. They don’t even have to be the exact same color or shade but by keeping it in the same family will make sure when your standing next to each other your outfits don’t clash. Last thought, also think outside the box when you are incorporating the cold into your outfits. You both don’t have to wear blue shirts. Try bringing the color in by wearing a scarf or or a fun skirt, this way you both don’t look exactly the same like those old school matchy matchy trends from the 80’s.

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Embrace Color and Patterns- Now hold on before you get scared and run straight for all things black. Color will do wonders in your images! You have probably been told time and time again hat black is slimming and white is classic, well I am here to blow those old schools of thought out of the water. Having color and pattern can really add life to you images. Pick one item of clothing and use that as a jumping off point for colors. This could be your finances plaid shirt or your patterned scarf. From there pull colors out of that to tie the two of your outfits together. Be aware though, small tight pinstripes do weird things in photos and if one of you is wearing a large print plan for the other person to wear a smaller complimentary pattern or a solid so your outfits don’t fight.

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Layers are Key and Don’t be Afraid to Accessorize- By wearing layers its adds interest as well as depth to the photos. By wearing a scarf or a cute hat can make a good outfit amazing! Think about the location of your session and find ways to add those little pops of interests in fun clothing add ins.

What to Wear to Your Engagement Photos

Be Comfortable- Now I am not talking about wearing your favourite sweat pants and workout gear for your session. I am talking about wearing outfits you feel your best in. If you are constantly tugging on you shirt or you are wearing something you typically wouldn’t wear then you won’t feel 100% your best. This might also be the time to dress maybe a little fancier then you normally would. Its fun to dress up a bit and wear something new that you didn’t wear to the grocery store last week.

What to Wear to Your Engagement Photos

Dress For the Location- Lastly when picking your outfit make sure you are picking items that go with your surroundings. This means you aren’t wearing high heeled pumps when planning for a more adventurous session in the mountains. Those shoes would be perfect for a fancier downtown session where there would be less walking and less tree roots to trip on. Also keep and eye open on the weather. You don’t want to be wearing a short skirt in minus temperatures or a bulky cardigan in the middle of summer. Dress so you will be able to be comfortable for the full season not mater the location or weather.

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