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Why Dad's Need To Embrace Family Photos

Why Dad's Need To Embrace Family Photos

I hear it so often how much men hate having their photos taken. They dread family photos and usually only get convinced¬†once in a blue moon to go along with the family photography day. I thankfully, am blessed to have a husband who doesn’t dread family photos. This might because after a decade together and 8 years of blissfuly being married to a photographer I have finally broken him down enough to accept that photos will ALWAYS be apart of out life. ūüėČ I for one am extremely thankful he agrees to session at least once a year but I know this isn’t usually the case. Today I am writing a blog post to all you men out there who HATE family photos and dread picture day. I am going to tell you why dads/men need to embrace family photos.

Why Men Need To Stop Hating Family Photos

  1. More often then not mom is usually the one snapping all the photos of the family. Because of this  it is important to have photos with mom in them too, and not just have her hold the camera. There would be nothing more tragic then looking back on your kiddos lives in photos and only having a handful of photos with mom in them just because is is more likely to take the photos then be in them.
  2. We all have those photos that were thought were a good idea in the past but now they get pulled about and laughed about for many years to come. Because of this photo and that embaracement that ensued afterwards, guys have decided to just stop wanting to be apart of family photos. SO ladies lets stop with the costumes, staged setups, and matching outfits and plan for a more natural realistic style of family session. This way you will have more memories you can treasure instead of hide and the men in your life will be more likely to agree to time and time again. Why Dads Need To Embrace Family Photos
  3. We all know its awkward to just stand and smile fakely at a camera especially to a stranger. Believe me no one really enjoys that. This is why its important to interact as a family and find a photographer that can capture those candid family moments instead of the smiling weirdly Sears Portrait type photos. By finding a photographer you mesh well with, and who can get you to play, laugh and enjoy each other as a family those awkward poses and smiles will be just a distant memory.  Why Men Need to Embrace Getting Their Photo Taken - Calgary Family Photographer

At the end of the day family photography session are usually at most an hour or two. True that is an hour you could be watching football or tinkering in your garage, but the photos that are captured in that time are something your spouse will cherish forever. Those are the memories you will look back at when your kiddos are all grown up. Those are the memories that help create your legacy. Photos of any kind are important but they are especially important to that special someone in your life. Put down the remote, wrench, and glove for one short hour and be present in the session with your family, because I know that will go a LONG way to the happiness of the people you love most. You know what they say… Happy Wife = Happy Life!

Why Men Need to Embrace Getting Their Photo Taken

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