10 Things not to do on your wedding day

10 Things not to do on your wedding day

After months and months of planning your wedding day is just around the corner. You have bought the perfect dress, asked the most amazing wedding party to stand by your side, made the most killer dance party play list, DIYed your heart out and now the day is finally here. You have thought of everything but have you thought about the things you should not be doing on your wedding day?!? Here is a list of 10 things not to do on your wedding day!

  1. Don’t be the contact person. Why you might ask. Well, there is no doubt you will probably be having guest in form out of town, last minute details and vendors trying to contact you. You need to delegate one person to take on the task of answering all the 100’s of questions people will have for you the day of. You don’t need to be rushing around the morning of making sure Great Uncle Bob has a ride from the airport. Deligate it will make your life WAY easier!
  2. Don’t stress about the weather! The number one stressor I hear about at every wedding is about the weather. I get it. Its the one thing you have no say over and can not control. So if it rains embrace it. If its hot as Hadies embrace it. You can either stress about it or you can make the most out of every moment of your day. In the end your family and friends won’t remember the weather but they will remember how you cut loose and danced your heart out on the dance floor!
  3. Don’t Skip a Meal!! Eat the morning of your wedding. You need to make sure you take the time to eat and drink (more then just champagne) so you don’t pass out as your walking down the aisle. Believe me, I have seen it happen. Taking the time to take care of yourself the day of is important.
  4. Don’t wear your shoes for the first time the day of your wedding. When choosing your footwear for your wedding day, make sure that they are a.) appropriate for the location of your wedding and photos and b.) that they are cute and comfortable. Make sure you test out the shoes by putting them on before the big day and walking around in them. Also, always bring a back up paid of shoes just to be on the safe side.
  5. Don’t Loose Your Husband or Wife. Sounds really strange but its your wedding day so you should be experiencing it together. While this is obviously a no brainer at the ceremony and for photos, it is pretty easy to get pulled in a million different directions during the reception. Everyone will want to talk to you so take the time to go around together and mingle. It really is the first day of your life together so spend it together.
  6. Don’t be you own Chauffeur. Today is the one day that you get to be fully pampered and just enjoy yourself. Let others handle the driving, wether that is from a limo service or having your friends and family drive you. Either way don’t add the extra stress of driving to the equation.
  7. Don’t neglect your timetable. As a wedding vendor timetables for wedding days are important. This way we know were we need to be at each major part of your day and we don’t miss anything. Come up with a timeline that works for you, your vendors and your guest so you get the most out of the day. Also bring this with you and make sure your vendors have a copy so everyone stays on track and you get to enjoy every moment of your special day!
  8. Don’t worry about everyone else. It’s YOUR wedding day so don’t fret about everyone else. As long as you and you spouse are having a good time then that really is all that matters. It’s not your job to make sure everyone is perfectly satisfied and having the time of their lives.
  9. Don’t drink to much. Weddings are stressful. All eyes are on you two, and if you aren’t great with being the centre of attention or public speaking it can be overwhelming. I get it! So have a couple drinks if you want but make sure you don’t get crazy. You want to make sure you remember your full day not just the first half until those Mimosa kicked in.
  10. Don’t forget the reason for the party! Its your wedding day, and the day you have decided to start your life together forever. Yes, there is a great party happening to celebrate that but the ultimate reason is you two. Don’t forget to keep that at the forefront of you mind and to enjoy those small quite moments together throughout the day.

Did I miss anything? I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to add your comments below!

10 Things Not To Do The Day of Your Wedding

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