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Meet Jason, The Guy Behind the Lens At Paisley Photography

I am sure you have all see my face all over my blog, website and social media, but did you guys know that my handsome hubby is also a hard working member of my team. Jay has been with me since the beginning and actually is one of the biggest reasons I started making photography more then just a hobby. When we first got married he had a really nice camera. One WAY nicer then anything I had so in the true definition of marriage “what his is mine” (that’s what marriage is right?!? haha) I “borrowed” his expensive camera and never looked back… or gave it back for that matter.

Paisley Photography Team - Meet Jason!

Jay is the kind of guy who is handy. Handy at fixing just about anything, handy in the way he knows a lot of things about a lot of things (useful or not), and handy in the way that he is always the first one to offer a helpful hand. He is the most genuine, and honest person I know and I am blessed to do life with him everyday. I am also lucky enough to call him my second shooter at just about every wedding. We have shot all but one wedding together EVER! That means we have shot over 100 weddings together over the course of the last couple years. That’s crazy if you ask me especially since we haven’t broken up or killed each other.

Meet The Guy Behind The Lens

Jay is also the dreamer. He is always thinking up knew ways to grow my business. Whether that’s through marketing or pushing me WAY beyond my comfort zone and convincing me to host my very first wedding workshop. His dreams push me to see bigger then my small safe box and in turn helps me grow my business but also as a person.

With all the gushiness aside here is a little more about the guy behind the camera at Paisley Photography:

Name: Jason Saville

Age: 37

Hometown: Nakusp, BC

Favorite Food: Anything Italian

Favorite Movie: Dukes of Hazards

Favorite Song to dance in the Kitchen to: Up Down by Morgan Wallen 

Dream place to travel: New Zeland but I will always go back to Italy!

Why you love photographing weddings: Because I like to show the guys that they too can can have fun while being photographed at their wedding. And I get to spend time with my wife!

What is your favorite part of a wedding day: The formal photo portion because the busyness of the wedding is a distant thought and it is just us and the couple. This is were we get to interact with the couple and get to become not just a photography team but also friends  

Jason - The Guy Behind the Lens at Paisley Photography

What is your life motto: My wife is always right! Just kidding… well not really but in all seriousness “Riches are found in the memories we make” . We love traveling and exploring everyday life together as a team, so making those memories together is more important to me then tangible objects  

Highlight of 2017 season: Being able to camp and spend a week or more away for some of our destination summer weddings and also I really enjoyed some of the smaller restaurant weddings we were a part of is year as well. Both were right up our alley!  

If I had it my way: I would finish my private pilots license so we would be able to fly to our destination weddings in style! 

Meet My Second Shooter - Paisley Photography

Photo Credit: Chasing Dreams Photography

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