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From One Rained Out Bride To Another Embrace Rain on Your Wedding You are counting down to your wedding day, and you have installed 10 different weather apps and they are ALL showing dark grey clouds and torrential down pour icons

From the moment a couple books me for their wedding day it is my job to help inform my clients of all the craziness that happens, as well as how to avoid getting trapped by them. This also means helping

Dear Beautiful Bride, Today is the day you have been waiting for. The day you walk down the aisle to the person  of your dreams. The day you have planned for, and dreamed of. Today is the day you will become a

We live in a world run by technology. Our house are now smart homes, our cars can park themselves and everyone has a camera in their phones. Our whole lives are now open books for people to like or comment

As a wedding photographer I get to attend a lot of weddings and this means I get to see a lot of wedding bouquets, a lot of cakes, a lot of wedding dresses and a lot of decor. Because of