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Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding Timeline

Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding Timeline

On your wedding day, your timeline can play a major factor in the types and amount of photos you will receive on your wedding day. The laughs with your wedding party, those romantic walking photos with your groom take time and can’t be rushed to capture them. Also when planning your day you have to keep in mind your location and the time of the photo portion of your day. If you want those bright, warm, photos, you do need to plan your photos prior to the sunsetting.

Wedding Day Timeline Tips

On an all day timeline, I like to show up 3/4 of the way through your hair and makeup. This way I can catch those last makeup touch ups, capture the veil being put in, and your jewelry being put on. It will also give us time to capture all your detail photos, like you invitation, wedding dress, flowers, shoes, rings and those moments as your open gifts from each other. Since we are a husband and wife photography team, I spend the morning with the ladies and Jason with the guys. When it comes to the boys its best if they are showered, shaved and ready to get into their wedding attire. Also plan to get ready in rooms with good natural light, and the cleaner the room the better. Please NO church basements! It also is a great idea if all bridesmaids are dressed and ready before the bride so they are not wearing tanks and yoga pants when buttoning up that beautiful bridal gown.Planning Out Your Wedding Day Timeline

Whether you are planning a first look or more traditional timeline I suggest you plan for no less the 2hours of photo time for family, wedding party, and bride & groom portraits. This will give you enough time to have all those special moments documented. Wedding days go by so fast and time with you future spouse should be priority. During this time is when the photos that you will hang on your walls get taken. Those quiet intimate moments between the two of you. Also if you are wanting your photos in a different location then your ceremony and reception keep in mind you will have travel time to add in as well.The Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

Family photos are also important to make time for, however these photos don’t have to be painful or be dragged out. I always ask for a family grouping list prior to the wedding. I bring this list with me so you don’y have to try to remember this list the day of. This list also streamlines this portion of the day and keeps it as organized as possible. When putting together the family list keep in mind the more people and the more groupings the longer this portion of the day can take and can eat into the bride and groom formals or you joining your cocktail hour. How To Plan Your Wedding Day Timeline

The reception is the time for all this fun candid moments. The reactions to speeches, the romantic first dance, and all the fun that happens on the dance floor. In our 9 hour wedding day coverage we typically stay for about 3 hours of your reception. This gives you lots of time for dinner, your speeches, a quick game or two, your first dances and the cake cutting. I also edit your same day slideshow during dinner. People don’t usually like photos of them eating so this time gives us time to eat as well as edit and put together your slide show. We also stay about 30 mins into the dance portion of the day. After this people are getting sweaty, drunk and those moments just are never good to capture. 🙂Tips for Planning the Best Wedding Day Timeline

I have put together a sample 9 hour timeline for you guys as a free gift! Click HERE or the picture below to download it!

Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

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