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Proposal Photography And Why You Should Have Those Moments Captured

Proposal Photography And Why You Should Have Those Moments Captured

If you are thinking about proposing to your better half chances are you have a ring bought, have one in mind, and you are starting to plan the perfect moment. This could be asking for their hand in a hot air balloon, on top of a mountain, while walking through a winery (my personal favourite), in your first date spot or favourite place, or even with some help from a special fur friend. Whatever you plan it, it will be a huge moment in your lives and relationship! One aspect of your proposal that you may not have thought about is hiring a photographer to capture it all go down.

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As some of you may know, proposal photography holds a special place in my heart. Just about 10 years ago my now husband got down on one knee at Summerhill Winery in Kelowna BC and asked me to be his forever. What I didn’t know at the time was that he actually had asked the manager of the winery to capture the moment on camera. (Jason actually stalked me all day with a camera leading up to the BIG question so I actually have to whole day documented, but thats a whole other story). Now the manager of the restaurant was by no means a professional photographer, but having those moments documented so I can look back on them means the world to me. Wanna see some of the photos from our proposal?!? They are the last photos in this blog post, so get reading so you can see them 🙂 Wedding Proposal Photographer CalgaryLets be serious the moment goes by fast! I honestly have no idea what Jason even said to me (sorry babe!) With all the adrenaline, the big shiny diamond, and the whirl wind leading up to the moment it all seems to zip by in a heart beat. Having someone there documenting the moment is one way to hold on to those moments forever. There is nothing but sheer joy and excitement in that moment so it is a good one to freeze!

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Proposals are typically a private intimate event. There might be a few close loved ones around helping out but usually it’s a pretty small production. Because of this, having your proposal document you are able to share those few small moments with your loved ones. Everyone is going to be over the moon excited for you so its nice to have something to show them and help you relive that moment.

Your proposal is part of your love story, just like how you first met, your first date, your first kiss. All these moments are part of your bigger story and so is your proposal. Each of these experiences is so important to the greater story of your life together, and your proposal is no exception so why not have photos of it?

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I am definitely a sucker for a good love story so when I get to be a small part in one I get so excited. I love offering advise on locations and areas with the best views. I love hearing the plans and the meanings behind them. I just straight up love proposals! Proposal photography might not be something you have thought about but it is defiantly something you should! It’s one moment I love to look back on and remember and I know you will too!

Below is a small look at our own non professional proposal photos taken by the manager at Summerhill Winery in Kelowna BC.

Kelowna Proposal Photography

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