March 2014

This week is week 12 in my 365 a click a day project. 12 week means that these photos are numbers 77-83 out of 365. Hard to believe! I have to admit I have surprised myself, and I have absolutely

I absolutely LOVE surprises, so when Michaela emailed me about shooting a surprise family session for her Mom Maria as a gift for her birthday, I was instantly excited! This was going to be such an incredible and memorable gift!

Week 11 has come and gone. It's fascinating to me that when you pay attention to the days, weeks, and months the way this project makes you. You are more aware of the passing time and how time passes. Usually

Meet 1 Year Old Cooper! Is he not just the cutest, smiliest little man ever?!? I got the opportunity to meet cooper this past week in my studio. What makes meeting Cooper even better is his momma is a old

Week 10 already! I can barely believe that we are already 70 days into the 365 project. That means we are we are just about 1/5 of the way through the year. Thinking and looking back over the photos that

With a new month comes a new month theme for my 365 photography project. January was details/macro, February was Black and Whites and March is "A Day in the Life". This is by far the most challenging topic for me.

Meet little Mr. Aiden! This little 6 day old munchkin came to my studio this past weekend for his very first photo shoot! How absolutely precious is he? Such a handsome little man, blessed with two dotting and loving parents!

Just about a year ago I got to meet Kaeleigh at her newborn session. She was this little, adorable baby girl. This past weekend I got the chance to shoot her first birthday cake smash session. It is so fun