Dos & Don't for Family Photography Outfits

8 Do's & Don'ts For Family Photography Outfits

So you have booked a family session and now you have no idea what to wear! Will that new dress you bought go with your husband shirt? Will you be able to pry your daughter out of her princess outfit she has been wearing for the last 3 months straight? If its in a park what type of footwear should we all wear. Don’t worry I have put a list of 8 Do’s & Don’ts for family photography outfits to help streamline your outfit troubles!

Do coordinate colors but don’t match:

We have all seen those photos from back in the early 90s where the family is in exactly the same thing, whether this is matching jeans and black shirts or better yet the all jean jump suit! While these may (emphasis on may) have been in style back then, I think we have learned from our mistakes. It is better to choose one color for the family and each wear a different piece of clothing with that color in it. For example if your husband has a blue shirt then you can have a blue scarf, and you daughter can have a blue skirt. This way you all “go” together but aren’t matchy matchy. It also doesn’t have to be the exact same shade of blue either. As long as all the shades go well together they should work.

Do limit Patterns:

Don’t get me wrong I love patterns, but for family photos it is best to limit the amount of pattern in your outfits. This doesn’t mean you hubby can’t wear his favourite plaid shirt, it just means if he wears it then maybe you wear a solid. This way when you are standing side by side your eye isn’t drawn to the fighting patterns in your outfits instead of you to.

Family Photography Outfit Ideas

Don’t pick outfits with logo or texts:

Everyone has that one shirt that has a funny saying or logo, but this is the one time you should decide to skip wearing it. It is best to stick to outfits that are more plain, and try to convince you kiddo that just for one day his favourite Paw Patrol shirt can stay home. This will ensure your photos stay timeless and your “Best Dad” logo won’t be the first thing that pops out to you in the photo.

Do take a peek at your home decor:

Since these are photos that you are planning on hanging on your walls its a good idea to take a peek at what they will be hanging around. If you have a very neutral house palette it might be best to stick to more neutrals colors in your clothes. I want you to love your photos for years to come and be happy with them hanging on your walls. So take a peek at your decor and think about what would best fit your space. After all this is the art you are going to looking at day after day.

What To Wear To Your Engageement Session

Do accessorize:

Scarves, hats, flower crowns, vests, jewelry, etc can help make your ho hum outfit complete. Your black dress that you want to wear might just need a punch of color with your favourite scarf. With this being said don’t overwhelm the outfit. Not everyone in the photo needs a hat, but adding a piece or two can make the photo go from blah to wow!

Do wear appropriate footwear:

A lot of times your session is going to take place in a park, forest or field. This doesn’t tend to be the best terrain for 4 inch heels. What would be better is a cute pair of boots, or stylish lower wedges. Something where you are still able to walk in but also fits your outfit. There is nothing worse then having the perfect stylish family and then they are all wearing their florescent orange gym runners.

Dos and Don't For Family Photo Outfits

Don’t look like someone else:

If in your normal everyday life you don’t tend to wear huge amounts of makeup or have your hair in fancy up do’s then you probably don’t want to do this for your photos.¬†If your thinking about trying out a new blue eye shadow tutorial toy say online maybe skip it for the session and do it a different day. Im not saying don’t do your hair and makeup or get it done professional I am just saying don’t choose picture day to be the day you step out of your comfort zone. Professional hair and make up is a great idea to plan to book before your session, just make sure you have worked with them before or have done a trial so you aren’t franticly trying to fix your look before your session. No one needs that type of stress.

Do be comfortable:

This doesn’t mean showing up in your sweat pants because they were just too comfy to get out of. This means picking items that you feel your best in. If you consistently pulling or tugging at your clothes or it isn’t something you would typically wear don’t wear it it. Your discomfort will show up in the photos. You want to feel your absolute best so all you thinking about it having fun with your family and not if your jeans are too low rise. The better you feel in the clothes the better you will portray yourself in the photos!

8 Do's & Don'ts For Family Photography Outfits

If you are looking for a family session or are wanting to update those frames you have hanging on your wall give me a shout! I would love to chat with you more and help you create those perfect family memories!

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