January 2018

Whats better then one sweet baby boy? Two sweet baby boys! Early this week I got to meet two of the cutest little men ever (don't tell my hubby that he might have just been kicked down to third cutest)

It has been down right cold in Calgary since Christmas. With minus a million temps and then add on the wind chill it is almost unbearable go outside. This didn't stop Jordan and Kristin from throwing the most amazing Cochrane

Andrew and Katie are transplants from Ontario who moved to Calgary 5 years ago.They moved for a change of scenery and what could be more of a change then moving close to the mountains. For their engagement session they of

Where do I even start with sweet Ruby? She was just so precious it was hard to actually take photos of her because all you want to do is just stare at her adorableness. I had to keep reminding myself

When I got the email from Kelli explaining that she was tired of getting dark, yellow light selfies of her niece, sister and brother in law all the way from England and wanted some that she could frame, and enjoy