Why Bring a Photographer To Your Destination Wedding?

Why Bring a Photographer To Your Destination Wedding?

You have gotten engaged and are planning your dream destination wedding. Great! Truth is, no matter how hard you plan and prepare for your wedding day no wedding ever goes perfectly as planned. Some are easier to fix, but these little glitches are magnified when planning your wedding from another country. You are placing your full trust in the resort, or planner at your destination. If you flowers aren’t perfect its not the end of the world, if your menu isn’t exactly as ordered its ok no one but you will know. If you end up hating your wedding photos that is a harder thing to fix. You can’t just go back and get re-dressed up with all your friends and family. At the end of the day your photos are one of the only parts of your wedding day you can keep forever. By brining a professional wedding photographer that you trust, it will be the best decision you will make while planning your wedding day and here is why!

1. You can find your perfect fit photographer

The resort photographer might be really talented but are they the style you envisioned your wedding photos to be? Are they light and airy and your looking for more of a darker off camera flash type style? The photographers style isn’t going to change no matter how much they promise they can make your vision work. It is best to book a photographer who’s style you have fallen in love with instead of trying to love the style of photos they create. These are the photos you will be passing down to your kids and then your grandkids so make sure they are memories you want to keep and share forever.

Why Bring A Photographer to Your Destination Wedding?

2.You Get to Have a Relationship with Your Photographer

On a typical wedding day you will most likely see more of your photographer then anyone other then your bride or groom on your wedding day. They will always be around, either posing you for formals or taking those candid shots at your reception. You seriously can’t get rid of them haha. So having a photographer who you get a long with and don’t mind spending the day with is important. You need to like their work but also like them as a person. With hiring the local photographer you usually won’t meet them until the day of and by then its way too late!

Why Bring A Photographer to Your Destination Wedding?

3. Accountability 

By brining a photographer down with you for your destination wedding you will have a signed legal contract based in a similar legal system. This could be a HUGE factor if for some reason the photographer doesn’t show up on your wedding day, gets sick so they don’t cover the full day or worse never delivered you any images. By having a signed legal document between you and your photographer from the country you live in you have more legal rights if anything happens.

Why Bring A Photographer to Your Destination Wedding?

4. It’s Exciting For Everyone

Every destination wedding we have shot has always been exciting. We are excited for you guys to be tying the knot, we are excited to see all your loved ones connect with you, and we are excited to be down there documenting your love story. New locations we get to scout to make sure you get those perfect destination images you have always wanted is exciting and with every new location comes new creativity! Bringing a wedding photographer with you to your destination wedding means that they will be just as excited to explore and document this place as you are to explore and experience it. A resort photographer sees 100’s of brides and grooms walk along the same beach but to us its new and exciting so we are going to work that much harder to make images you will love for a long time.

Why Bring A Photographer to Your Destination Wedding?

5. It Can Cost The Same Amount!

It is possible to find a photographer you love, have a great relationship with, and they can cost the same as the resort photographer. Why? Most resort photographer are paid a very basic fee for their services and then the majority of the cost comes later when you have to buy prints that they pressure you into purchasing after your wedding day. I have heard of couples that are shocked when they get their package and have only received 50 images and the rest they have to pay for at at hefty price tag. Don’t get me wrong there are some resorts that don’t do this so make sure you do know in advance exactly how many hours, edited digital images, and all thats included before you sign on the dotted line.

Why Bring A Photographer to Your Destination Wedding?

In the end you absolutely could hire the resort photographer, but keep in mind it could be a gamble. Now the resort or local photographer may take the photos of your day a fulfill their requirements for your day, but at the end of the day thats all it is. They are just fulfilling requirements and you may not end up with what you envisioned. I encourage anyone planning a destination wedding to do some research into any vendors you hire for your wedding day. Planning a destination wedding doesn’t have to be a scary thing! Getting the facts and realizing you have many different options in vendors and finding the right ones for your day will be a huge relief!

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